Perspectives and Prepositions

There’s a saying that goes, “Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars,” which in other words translates to “perspective is everything.” To me, this concept is highly pertinent to photography.

Capturing the unique in the seemingly mundane (a skill I aspire to obtain) depends largely on perspective.

Thus, this week I thought I’d try a little experiment with perspectives. I chose a subject that was rather uninteresting –

Fire Hydrant

and with the help of some Spanish prepositions (I’ve been studying for an upcoming grammar exam para mi clase de español), I tried to take some photos from varying perspectives:


Delante de                                                               Junto a

I find it intriguing how camera angle and distance can so affect the mood of a photo, even when the photo’s subject is an inanimate fire hydrant. Take for instance the pair of photos below:

If a fire hydrant had cognitive abilities, I would say that I’d caught it in a pensive mood in the left photo. On the other hand, in the right photo, the hydrant almost looks heroic, standing guard over the house in the background. (I loved cartoons as a kid so inanimate objects are easily animated in my mind, as you can probably tell…)

Of course they’re still not the most spectacular of photos, but I feel that they are an improvement to the simple straight-on shot.

Your Assignment

  • Step 1: Find a “boring” subject.
  • Step 2: Take photos of said “boring” subject from various perspectives. (Use a list of prepositions if you need some assistance!)
  • Step 3: Share your results!
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